Kahya Hotel aims to be one of the first preferred hotels in its region with its continuous in-service trainings and the different perspective it adds to hotel management.
It is our first priority to consider environmental issues while reaching our goal, to reduce the negative effects on the environment, and to raise environmental awareness by using resources carefully.
In line with these purposes, our guest-oriented service approach, which we have created by constantly improving our processes and systems according to the requirements of the age, with the voluntary participation of all our employees, under the leadership and responsibility of the senior management, has become a philosophy.
As a result, we have taken the following principles as a basis in all our activities;
 To be responsible for quality together with all our managers and employees.
 Working in compliance with laws and regulatory requirements
 Continuously monitoring our control points that we have determined in order to realize safe food production.
 Relying on the support and productivity of our employees
 To ensure access to contemporary quality values and customer satisfaction at every level of the service provided.
 To act according to the principle of "continuous improvement" in all works
 Increasing our skills and quality awareness through education
 To increase family awareness by considering the happiness of our employees
 Organizing environmental activities, participating in activities, inviting our guests to our activities
 Evaluating the performance of our suppliers and communicating with them in order to ensure the continuity of our product quality.
 To respect and support the society and the environment.

General manager